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For New Businesses

Package prices are listed below or $90 hourly rate for any of the solutions and services with a free 2 hour initial consultation.

Business Plan Assessment Package

An all-encompassing solution depending on the simplicity or complexity of the business plan but covering all preliminary bases and initial assessment tasks to validate whether the business idea is worth pursuing further and investing capital funds.  Duration of assessment could range from 7 to 15 business days depending on scope.

Includes an outline of 360 analytical research, assessments and evaluations that covers developing the product idea through effective brainstorming, product marketing tasks regarding value proposition, positioning and pricing, operational costs, ROI, profit and loss, competitive evaluation, strategic analysis and more.

Price Range: $700 – $3000

Product Conceptual Design Package

Depending on whether the product is an online, digital or “real tangible” product and again the simplicity or complexity of the product and plans for distribution.  Includes a product conceptual design of schematics, prototypes, wireframes, specifications, high-level objectives, process design, customer experience and user-centric design.  Duration of design could range from 5 to 18 business days depending on scope.

Price Range: $700 – $2000

Competitive Landscape and Market Assessment

What ever industry your new product will be in, your business’s viability would not be complete without a thorough competitive landscape and market assessment being conducted that assesses the competition, direct and local competitors versus secondary competitors and global competitors in the industry.  A full market assessment to verify the usage trends, target demographic, assess business analytics, crunch the market data into usable market intelligence for shaping your new product and finalizing a successful and firm business plan.

For example, are you looking to open your Health Store business in your local town or village – find out whether this type of business already exists, also scope out who may be potential industry partners for example neighboring health clinics, natural health practitioners, online content bloggers and more.  Duration of assessment could range from 5 to 15 business days depending on scope.

Price Range: $500 – $1500

Product Marketing and Product Management Services

Assuming that you are going ahead with the design and development of your product and will be creating an end-to-end new product introduction and operational plan – this consulting service will ensure you cover off all your bases for successfully launching a brand new product, service or concept to your target customer base.  With anything new there is always need to make necessary tweaks, business plan adjustments or even product updates before launching to the wider audience.  Lia Productions will guide you through all the necessary milestones, and ensure you attain complete operational readiness for whatever you are launching.

In particular no product is complete without effective advertising and marketing to ensure that new potential customers and prospects can find your product, access your service and generally understand what your product does – namely your Product Identity, Brand and Positioning.

Price Range: $800- $2800

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