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Affordable Web Design, Marketing and Advertising Strategy for Existing Businesses

In addition to offering strategic approaches to new product introductions and product design, Lia Productions is also specialized in Web Marketing Strategies for your existing business – whatever industry you may be in, whether it is a Health & Wellness store or clinic, Furniture store, an Ethnic restaurant, convenience store, Medical centre or specialized store or service.  Lia Productions offers you Web Marketing solutions that can drive more foot traffic to your “bricks and mortar” store, raise your brand and generate awareness in your local community and increase the bottom line of your business, give you competitive edge and a lucrative Web Presence and Ecommerce channel (if applicable).

  • Simple and Affordable Web Design Solutions to Increase Business and Revenue
  • Marketing Strategies for More Customers and Online Sales
  • Optimal Trends and Emerging Technology Solutions (research, usage analysis, market predictions) Market Intelligence, Business Analytics and Vision
  • Technical Web Solutions that Solve a Business Problem (analysis and design) 
  • Strategic SEO Framework, Web Marketing and Social Media to  Promote your Business (web marketing)
  • Value Proposition, Brand Identity, Competitive Awareness  and Web Site Presence (brand and product marketing)

Not quite convinced you need to invest in a Web Site?  Read this Article why Web Presence is Critical to the Success of Your Business

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Previous Industry Expertise include Small Business Owners across a variety of industries (health, retail, furniture, electronics, services, automotive and culinary arts), Enterprise Software, ISPs, Hospitality, Travel, Health and Entertainment.

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