GREEN INITIATIVE: Downsize and Donate for Less is More

As part of various GREEN INITIATIVES that Lia Productions likes to implement into client technology solutions, lifestyle innovations and local community partner initiatives – Liapros would like to lead the Tiny Home Living movement since it is a very personal one for Cecilia’s heart.  Cecilia would like to pioneer this emerging tiny house trend as a way for people to reduce their carbon footprint, natural resource consumption and more.  Read more about the other

GREEN INITIATIVE: Eco Friendly Tiny Home Living

First a bit of background to set the context as to what drove Cecilia, owner of Liapros to be a leading edge pioneer in the whole Tiny Home movement, sustainable living and local community programs:

My Personal Realization Story for Sustainable Living

New Finds is a concept founded by Cecilia of Liapros in her numerous house moves over the course of 5 years, whereby she felt the need to downsize and clear out her material possessions, goods and gadgets by at least 20% in order to make the move across the country from East to West.  It was then when she realized that owning things ended up owning you so she wanted to be free to move, travel and roam as she pleased without these material possessions weighing her down both physically and mentally.

logoThis started a trend in her and her husband Anton’s life, whereby they realized it was important to review, purge and refresh their entire home, closets, storage spaces and household appliances almost seasonally to remove anything that was taking up dead weight in their home, that no longer served its purpose or put simply, had no space or use in our lives for the time being.  Their long term goal is to downsize into a micro-home of <700 sq ft where LESS IS MORE because you can begin to truly LIVE and EXPERIENCE life with no limitations or burdens.

Cecilia was concerned about the wasteful factor of donating almost new goods as there was still lots of use to be had in the hardly worn clothes, once worn outfits and electronic gadgets that were no longer needed in their household.  After all, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” – depending on the need, the price, the timing and availability of the particular item.  Another issue that interested Cecilia was the passing along of clothes that had been outgrown between siblings in a family, and thought why not widen the circle of benefactors to smaller sized cousins, friends and other children in the local community.  NEW FINDS can be brand new items, worn or used once items or items that have hardly been used and are in mint working condition.

Cecilia being an innovative designer decided to create her very own OPEN HOUSE ONLINE SHOP of items that needed to be sold, donated, purged or passed along to someone else.  Similar to how working mothers would open up their home for Tupperware or beauty product parties – the concept of our very own product sale seemed to be something she wanted to facilitate.  Cecilia is not one for disposing of something simply because she cannot use it at a given time (whether it is food, clothing, goods or appliances), as she would much rather sell it on for a decent price, donate it to someone in greater need or re-purpose/recycle it.


That said, the money that is raised from the selling of all goods in the New Finds Online Store will be donated to a good cause in matters close to Cecilia and Anton’s heart: Animal Welfare, Refugee Funding, Preserving the World’s Freshwater, Peace in the World or Humanity in Poverty.  Cecilia believes it is important to PAY IT FORWARD and to have an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE in life so that the universal abundance can be realized for all of humanity.

Depending on the success of this new concept – Cecilia will make a web site template available to other people looking to downsize and purge their belongings in the same way as part of SIMPLIFYING THEIR LIFE as LESS IS MORE!

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