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Lia Productions understands that life presents enough challenges when it comes to sustaining your lifestyle, making money or saving precious time through the use of convenient web or mobile applications. Therefore, we offer Liapros Daily Digest, Strategic Solutions and Lifestyle Innovations to enhance your work, enrich your lifestyle and attain overall balance in your life.

“Innovations that Inspire” and “where technology meets life” by Lia ProductionsStrategic Solutions and Lifestyle Innovations | Discover your Inner Most Creativity | Take a Strategic Approach to Your Design Projects, Your Business or Your Life | Effective Use of Technology with Purpose Enhance and Enrich your Quality of Life | Promote your Business using the SEO Frameworks, Strategic Web Marketing and Social Media Retrieve Time and Save Money | Attain your Optimal Health, Wealth and Freedom!

To help you reach your inner creativity, passion for life, your drive for success and a more meaningful life – Lia Productions can guide you so you can attain the much needed balance of Life and Work! Follow your dreams and ambitions to live a fulfilled and meaningful life!

About Lia Productions

Lia Productions (aka Liapros) is owned by Cecilia Hau, a knowledgeable and experienced Web Product Strategist, Product Architect and Creative Internet Expert who has a genuine passion for life, travel and enriching people’s lives with art, culture, food and experiences.

Lia Productions (http://www.liaproductions.com) also owns a number of successful web properties and online information products that include:

Nurture with Music – http://nurturewithmusic.liaproductions.com/
Life Inspired Travels – http://www.lifeinspiredtravels.com
LifeSense | authentic living from the heart – http://lifesense.liaproductions.com
What? How? Why? – http://www.whathowhy.info
Lia Photography – http://www.wix.com/liapros/liapros-photography

About Cecilia Hau

Owner of Lia Productions
Owner of Lia Productions

“The dragon is unleashed to reach its authentic and creative potential…

Creativity is a flow of moments in time when the creative forces and energy come together for that particular instant – poetry, lyrics, a music collaboration of individuals, a vision that is realized, defined and mapped, be it a sketch, schematic, wireframe, storyboard or body of work ready for publishing. 

I live, I breathe and sense creative energy around me, I give off, I receive something that is inspirational. 

I believe that everyone deserves to tap into their full creative potential and unleash their true authentic self.”

Cecilia Hau is a strategist by day, a continuous creator by night in a variety of facets:
  • Creative Writing
  • Music & Lyric Writing
  • Landscape Photography
  • Landscape Art and Mandala Art
  • Web Design Architect
  • Product Designer and Innovator
  • Green Initiative Advocate

Cecilia believes that every person deserves to see what beauty this world truly has to offer, and for them to be forever touched and inspired by these lifetime travel experiences.

Cecilia is passionate about Innovative Technology and how it can enrich ones life both digitally (Digital Lifestyle) and in every other facet of one’s being whether it is professional, mental, emotional, physical, financial and personal.

Now for Cecilia Hau’s Professional Profile: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/ceciliahau

18 Years of Product Management, Strategic Innovative Marketing, Information Architecture Design and Usability Design in health and wellness, travel, telecommunications, broadband, entertainment, lifestyle media and hospitality industries.

Accomplished in managing new product introductions, communication strategies, marketing campaigns, social media marketing, high-profile e-business (B2C and B2B) projects, software delivery, user-centric design and business process redesign initiatives.

Excellent communication, organization, teamwork, problem solving and business writing abilities.

Miller Heiman – Strategic Selling – Alumni 2009. Languages – Conversational French and Basic Spanish

The owner of Lia Productions since 2004, a company that offers strategic solutions and lifestyle innovation consulting with a daily digest blog that covers health, technology, business and lifestyle topics.

An in-demand, accomplished, results-driven, passionate, creative and innovative Strategic Product Architect with 18 years experience in:

• B2C, B2B and B2B2C Ecommerce / EBiz Strategies, End-to-End Implementations

• Usability, User-Centric Design, User Interface and User Experience

• Web Marketing, Proven SEO Frameworks, Social Media and Interactive Marketing Strategies

• Product Management and Product Marketing

• Software Development – Agile Methodologies

• Go-to-Market Strategies, End-to-End Sales & Marketing Campaigns and Strategic Selling

• SEO, Recommender Systems, Information Filtering, CTR, SEM/Traffic Frameworks

• Strategic Partnerships, Public Relations and Innovative Communications

• Competitive Analysis and Business Process Redesigning

• Digital Media Lifestyle Applications and Mobile Application Development

• Web Trend, Business Intelligence, Usage Analysis, User Demographics

Liapros List of Services

Strategic Solutions:

  • Product Architecture and Design (software, web, mobile, campaign, digital, media, new product invention)
  • Product Positioning and Marketing Strategy (brand and product marketing)
  • Product Strategy – Product Management, Product Marketing and Product Development
  • Competitive Landscape, Strategic Planning and SWOT Analysis
  • Iterative End-to-End and Agile Product Design Methodology
  • Simple and Affordable Web Design Solutions to Increase Business and Revenue
  • Marketing Strategies for More Customers and Online Sales
  • Optimal Trends and Emerging Technology Solutions (research, usage analysis, market predictions) Market Intelligence, Business Analytics and Vision
  • Technical Web Solutions that Solve a Business Problem (analysis and design)
  • Strategic SEO Framework, Web Marketing and Social Media to Promote your Business (web marketing)
  • Value Proposition, Brand Identity, Competitive Awareness and Web Site Presence (brand and product marketing)

Lifestyle Innovations:

  • Lifestyle Management and Wellness Consulting
  • Lifestyle Health & Wellness Strategies
  • Lifestyle Balance and Alignment Check
  • Dream, Passions and Aspiration Counseling
  • Attaining an Inspirational and Meaningful Life
  • Lifestyle and Location-Based Web and Mobile Applications
  • Information Products that Enrich your Life
  • Usage Trends, Market Intelligence and Global Predictions
  • Location Based Services, Applications and Information Access
  • Locale Information, Reviews, Addresses, Directions, Opening Hours, etc.
  • Information Architecture -Information at the right place, right time
  • Technology that Empowers you to Attain a Fulfilled Lifestyle
  • Technology to Attain Optimal Health, Wealth and Freedom
  • Embrace, Unleash and Express Your Inner Creativity and Passions for Life
  • Personal Assistant, Errands, Organizer and Lifestyle Management Services
  • Convenient Digital Lifestyle Applications to assist with Day-to-Day Menial Tasks => Saving you Time and Money!
  • How to Use the Internet and Technology to Enrich the Quality of your Life – day-to-day, eating out, relationships, dating, activities, health, music, traveling, etc.





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