Let’s Get You Ranked Top in Google Search Results

Lia Productions can help you get ranked in the top 10 in Google search results.  Ask Liapros about the effective and proven SEO framework difference in your next consultation.

Are you Ranking Competitively?

Can your business be found by prospecting customers, your next consumer or loyal patron? Is your web site winning the Click Tug of War between you and the local competition?


Is your restaurant, clinic or specialty retail store getting the foot traffic and online exposure you need to survive in this competitive market?

Is your business ranking in the top 5 Google search results from the local competition?

Are you measuring your business metrics and web performance progress appropriately through quarterly web analytic reports?

Who are the referral sources for your clients to find your business and do you know what search keywords they are using?  Can they stumble on your web site?  Your clinic or restaurant should be easily stumbled upon by building strategic keywords that a typical Internet user would use.  Your product and/or service offerings need to be randomly searchable by the client when seeking a solution to their immediate problem, physical pain or special need e.g. searching on women’s health new york or neck pain relief Vancouver.

Is your URL or web address easy to remember from your brand marketing pieces?  Are you effectively using social media as a source for driving traffic to your clinic.  Do you have a Social Media Strategy and is that working in conjunction with the Web Marketing Strategy?  In most cases both these areas are taken care of by the same service.


SEO Marketing Agencies may charge up to $5000 / month to keep your business ranking in the top 3 searches for your locale and surrounding regions.  But did you know that YOU COULD SAVE a substantial amount of agency fees if you took a different approach to your SEO lifeline?

Perhaps it is time to let Lia Productions help you save some operational costs by providing you with an alternative sustainable and effective approach to SEO Marketing?

The SEO Framework Difference from Lia Productions

Liapros provides a unique SEO framework as part of the Web Platform and Design building process, so that it is wired within the SEO strategy and fully integrated into the design framework and content navigation of the web site design.  This has proven to be a much more effective approach for a number of our clients rather than the reactive “patch-fix” approach of ad hoc monthly bills of SEO extortion fees.

Liapros understands the intricate infrastructure and mechanics of Search Engine algorithms so is able to build the logic of keyword density, primary content headings and text weighting formats necessary into and throughout the core platform structure, navigational flow and content of the web site.

Let Lia Productions be your Solution Partner for your Entire Web Strategy!


Lia Productions is your stress-free working partner that understands your needs, will own the entire end-to-end web strategy and marketing operations on your behalf so that you are empowered to do what you do best, and that is to be the subject matter expert of your business, your innovative product design or professional service.  Contact Liapros for an initial consultation to begin solving your IT and Web problems!

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